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What Our Customers Are Saying

Joe M


My car had a broken tube in the coolant system, the people at Crady's were great about clearly communicating the issue, giving me an honest quote, and being straightforward about the time frame it'd take to fix it, I'd definitely return if anything goes wrong again.


Noelle V


Great service! Every repair place I called said they couldn't see me, but Crady's made it so easy. I was in need of a quick ac repair before a trip, and they made it happen within a day.

Ryan OLeary

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Awesome local auto repair shop. I called up in the morning because my power window didn't roll the window up anymore. They said to bring it on in. I dropped it off around 11:30, super friendly and helpful staff. An hour later they called and outlined the work that needed to be done. Sounded like a lot of work so I asked when it could be done. To my surprise they said they could do it that day. At around 4 they called and said I could pick up my car. The price was reasonable, $100 cheaper then what safelite quotes you on their website which is awesome. Will definitely be back, it's so hard to find a good reliable auto mechanic and it looks like Crady's is it!

  • Lori Arthur

  • *****

  • Had a really great first experience with Crady's recently. Called on Friday and got an appointment for Monday at 7:30 am. Within a few hours, I got a call with detailed information on the troubleshooting that they did (in terms a car inexpert like me could understand) and a very reasonable estimated cost to fix the issue. By 4 pm, the car was done! Quick and thorough service for the car, great customer service for me, and a very reasonable cost to fix the issue. Highly recommend them! I'll be taking my cars here from now on.

  • Courtney H.


For 24 years, I have brought my car to Crady's and Jamie, Dale and the crew have always been honest, fixed any issues with my car, and brightened my day. They treat you like family and really care about their customers. I've lived in Phoenix for several years now, but that did not stop me from bringing my car to the shop I know 100% I can trust. 800 miles round-trip to have piece of mind my car is safe to drive and know I'm not getting ripped off, totally worth it!!



Thanks Dale and all the crew here. I bring my 06 Cadillac here and they always have the best service and they take care of all my issues when the time comes to bring it in.




Incredible to find an auto mechanic who is honest, fairly priced, and explains the issues in a clear, concise manner. I'm so impressed with Crady's. I found them on Yelp when our van failed a smog test and I'm so glad I did!! They could have charged me $1700 to replace parts but instead recommended far less expensive repair for the existing parts for $120. They will be my only auto service from here on out. I highly recommend them!!




Extremely honest company and takes the time to explain what is wrong. I highly recommend this business to all family and friends.  Integrity is a very hard quality in automotive repair and shows why they have been in business for so very long.



Craig was awesome!  Honestly and Auto Repair Persons normally are odd fellows.  Craig has built his business on honesty and great service.  My vehicle had major repairs that Craig found would be very expensive to repair.  He advised me not to fix.  I offered to sell it to him to fix but did not take the offer.  He did gave me some advice where I could buy a new car and how much I should sell my old one for.  He did all of this without charge!  I would recommend Craig to all of my friends and family!



We've all had unsatisfactory interactions with mechanics and auto shops, but I can honestly say that I have enjoyed great service from Crady's for over 5 years.  So much so that I don't even live in the area anymore and will only let them touch my car.  Trust like that is hard to find.  Dale is the head mechanic and my go-to guy.   Jamie the owner runs a good ship.  Jimmy and the other staff are also very helpful.  I appreciate their service, honesty, and reasonable pricing.  I count on them for a lot and recommend anyone out there give them a shot.



Love Crady. They are honest and get the job done. I'm always nervous about taking my car into mechanics because I get the feeling they will always find something ELSE wrong with the car. They have been honest when our assessment of the car differs and is more than willing to look for the right solution. Staff is a little small so it might take the a little longer than other places. But honestly is worth it.



Just left the repair shop after getting my serpentine belt replaced. What a refreshing experience. It's hard to find an automotive repair shop where the people are this friendly and honest, especially Dale who was extremely helpful. I stumbled across them because my car broke down nearby. Wish I would have discovered them years ago, would have saved myself a lot of frustration.



I've been coming to Craddy's for over 15 years and they are dependable, honest, and some of the nicest people I've ever had the pleasure to do business with. Dale and Steve Craddy's wife (R.I.P. Steve, you are missed!) know cars and know how to take care of them. Their staff is professional and patient. I recommend them to everyone who is tired of paying through the nose at the dealerships. Take your car there and rest assured it will be taken care of.

4/4/2017   Updated review


I have got to say, I really trust these folks! I have been going to them now for 2.5 years and they are so trustworthy!

Perfect example was today, took my car in because I noticed a very tiny leak in my garage. There are 2 possible solutions, one that would potentially work $95 and another that would be almost $1k, a major job. And the owner said a $5 bucket at Walmart would be cheaper. I appreciate that because with such a small leak, yea $5 would be cheaper. But I did opt to pay $95 for the potential fix. 

Same experience last week with my other car, some tire place said I needed to spend $1,200 to fix some things. HECK NO. Brought the car in and they confirmed that I was being lied to, inspected everything, and charged me $39 for an oil change that I desperately needed anyway. 

So just know you can trust these folks! They will do right by you and they will take into consideration your goals for your car.


Took my Jeep here today, actually this was my first time visiting Crady's Automotive. In the past I have always taken my cars to my brother, but don't want to inconvenience him. 

First off the waiting room and the repair bays appeared VERY clean and orderly which was a really good sign to see. 

Oh, forgot to add that when I first called, they didn't rush me off the phone, but took time to listen to me, I really liked that. 

Back to my review, the owner checked my car in, she was really nice. I really like how they will tell you what is wrong with your car without charging you (this doesn't include a computer diagnostic). This is a big trust builder!! 

At the end of the day, if you want a friendly welcoming place to get your car fixed, this is your place. 



These guys are the best. I prefer to work on my own cars but whatever I am unknowledgeable about or unable to do on my own these guys get my business 100%. Dale and his guys are top notch. It is hard to find a good honest mechanic but once you do you need to hold on to them and let everyone know how great they are. I have brought several cars here over the last 15 years and they have been awesome, honest friendly and not overpriced.

Crady's is the best auto repair facility I have ever dealt with!​


I was worried about the strange sounds my car was making, but after having it serviced by Crady's Automotive, it is back to running smoothly and it didn’t even cost that much! Your technicians are very helpful and friendly and explained everything in a way that I could understand. I will be recommending your services to friends. Thanks Guys!

I am a realtor and couldn't be without my car. Crady's lined me up with a great deal on a Enterprise Rental Car. I worked out Great!

william b.
Great service. My rear break line suffered a catastrophic failure which would have left me making a 30 mile commute without breaks. I took the truck in at approx 3:30 PM and they completed the repair in a few hours. They could have easily taken advantage of the situation and overcharged for the repair but they did NOT. I was charged a very fair price. The staff was friendly and location is clean. 5 stars.

CRADY'S Is the best auto repair facility I have ever delt with! They are honest & very well priced. They are my repair shop for all my needs!! I would recomend them to anyone driving a vehicle. Any repairs from oil changes to major engine work, they do it all & do it well!!!

David K.
I decided to check out Crady's garage because I had heard good things about it; plus I saw they were having sales on certain services that i needed, such as a tune-up as required by my maintenance schedule. they quoted me a good price, did a clean and professional job, and i've been happy about it ever since.

Rebecca A.
When my car started overheating, I took it toCrady's for an estimate. Well, the mechanic there told me it was a problem with a part that my dealer had replaced, and that I should get the dealer to pay for it. The dealer told me it would be under warranty, but once they had looked at it, they denied it was their part and wanted to charge me almost $1000. I took it back to Crady, and it turned out to be a tiny disconnected hose. Crady's mechanic felt bad for missing it the first time around and fixed it for free. They did some other necessary work for about $200, and my car is still running great 6 months later. They also were able to get all the work done in one day, even though it took ALL day. The dealer never got anything done in a day. PROS: Fair prices, quick service, and honest mechanics CONS: You may have to call them for info, because they are very busy.

marcia o.
For a long time, I have been searching for a good auto repair place that could handle all of my cars. I found a place that seems honest. The work so far has been great. Steve Crady is very knowledge




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